St Albans

Stall Holder Guidelines Summary

Trading hours:

Stallholders are required to be on site from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

The Thursday concert will begin at 6pm and the entrance will be crowded with pedestrians.

Therefore Stalls must be set-up and vehicles removed by 4pm on Friday

Note that there are generally a lot of people in the village well prior to the festival start as patrons seek the better camping areas and stall holders, especially for food may wish to take advantage of this.

General Guidelines

Stall holders must have current public liability insurance

Food Stalls must have appropriate registration

Stall holders should have appropriate safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, etc

Generators are not permitted. This includes portable cool rooms!

The Main Venue is a Non-smoking area

Stall holders may camp in their stall site. No open fires are allowed within the main venue

Stall holders are responsible for their rubbish this year there will be a green bond included in the application.

Power Use Guidelines

All power cords are to be off the ground.

Electrical Power for other than lighting and fridges is generally not available. If in doubt ask, but the organisers reserve the right to terminate power from any stall suspected of tripping the supply. Modern low power usage lighting is preferred.

Printable extended Stall Holder Information