St Albans

  Unclaimed Items Left Behind/Found At/After 2016 Festival

1 x pair Sun glasses

1 x pair Spectacles with green  frames

1 x pair Collette Dinnigan Spectacles

1 x Lee Oskar harmonica in black case

1 x Red toy car

10  x silver chains (for necklaces) on a card

4 x necklace/sunglass cords with clasps

1 x round leather pendant craft piece

$3.00 in coins – made up of 1 x $2.00 coin – 1 x 50 cent coin,  1 x 10 cent coin,

1 x 20 cent coin, 4 x 5 cent coins wrapped in yellow paper advertising banjo for $300 but this may have just been used by the finder to wrap the coins in. It is believed that this money belonged to some busking kids.

1  x large silver capo

1  x small  silver capo

1 cream hat with black band

1 knife and 1 fork & 1 dinner plate – white with blue edge

1 x A5 spiral note book containing song titles

1  x A4 green spiral folder containing songs

1 white metal  water flask printed on it – in black writing ‘Positive – in green writing “Vibes” – in red writing  “Only”

1 x blue and black folding guitar stand

1 x black leather dog lead – frayed

1 x purple sloppy joe – brand name “Qualitops” ( recorded as Jumper –purple with white collar )

1 x multi coloured beanie (recorded as green, black, white woolen)

1 x green beanie

1 x pair yellow and black shorts – size 82cms/32”

1 x dark grey men’s underpants – with a picture of a monkey on the front – recorded on red tag on waist line “bottom line”  

1 x black coat with red lining – branded  “ Esprit collection”

1 x wine coloured woolen coat/cardigan – brand name “Boden”  (with no buttons or zip)

  Unclaimed Items Left Behind/Found At/After 2014 Festival

Music Stand

Straw Hat

‘Carlsberg’ Beanie Grey with black& white stripe

Guitar Stand

Fingerless Gloves

Black toy

Gold coloured brooch – heart shaped

1 rectangular 18 x leadlight Torch, black with red stripe & hanging hook

Umbrella – Black & White with music notes

Guitar Strap, Blue Enie Ball

Glasses, Reading, silver thick frame in brown leather “ NIB Eye Care “ case

Glasses, distance, tortoise shell arms in brown leather Gibb & Beeman” case

1 Black Glove

1 baby’s Bonnet

Black dress - Sleeveless

1 Black Woolen Beanie

1 Torch, thin, circular white with green handle

1 Tambourine

Thongs, small, black

2 unusual “keys” found in Workshop Cabin which may suit a briefcase or similar

1 multi coloured beanie – Jewish style

Glasses, thin silver frames – in grey cylindrical case

Necklace, silver with charms

Red Jacket with gold buttons

Lost Property