St Albans

St Albans Folk Festival is a friendly festival run entirely by volunteers.

There are no paid employees.

Why volunteer at St Albans FF?

Receive a weekend pass to the Festival in exchange for nine hours of volunteer work.

Be part of an enthusiastic team, working towards a common goal

Share your experience; learn new skills

Perform at the Volunteers’ Concert

Celebrate with old and new friends at the Volunteers’ BBQ


All volunteers are required to agree to abide by the St Albans Folk Festival Code of Conduct, a copy of which may be downloaded HERE (LINK TO CODE OF CONDUCT)

A brief description of the various volunteer positions can be downloaded HERE

If you would like to help , please download the application form from the link below, fill in your details, save as ‘{Your Name} Vol App 2020’ and e-mail to

Volunteers must be over the age of 15 years. For volunteers between the ages of 15 & 18 years, special conditions apply. Further details available on request.

For further information, please ring the Volunteer Manager (0412 730 754) or the Festival Director.

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Application Form Download