Please read the information below carefully before applying

The St Albans Folk Festival will be held at St Albans NSW, (near Wiseman’s Ferry) from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April, 2024. The festival will provide entertainment, workshops, market stalls and a variety of activities for patrons who stay for the weekend or arrive on a day trip.

Stall Applications will remain open until all positions are filled or up to the Monday prior to the festival. Because the festival Main Venue has constrained space, stall sites are marked on the ground and spaces are sold through the application process by vendors requesting a particular area from the map below.

Payment in advance is required to secure your site but please do not make payment until your application has been approved. Applications accepted will need to be paid for by 22nd March 2024 or organisers reserve the right to re-allocate the position. Refunds for non-attendance will be made at the organisers discretion and will depend on the circumstances, timeframe and whether the site was able to be re-allocated.

Fees for stalls vary by type and size. The following table should be viewed in conjunction with the site map below. The 2024 festival will be 3 days long. Stall spaces E,F,G, 1, 2, 3 & 4 separate the public area from the main venue and are required to be erected on the Thursday morning or prior with pack down on Sunday late afternoon a few hours after the last concert has ended.

Stall TypeSizeSite Map IDPrice
FoodLargeA to G$250
GeneralLarge1 to 12$180
GeneralStandard13 to 18$150

Site Dimensions are generally 3*3m Standard, 3*6m Large where the frontage is 3m.
The central units 13 to 20 may be combined to provide a larger site with a 6m frontage, other applications permitting.

Fee includes entry to all events at the festival for 2 persons. Extra tickets can be organised before the festival at early bird prices.

Food Stall applications will be selected to give the patrons variety and avoid over-supply.

Please note that stalls need to be of the type that would be appropriate for a family folk festival. Sale of toy guns, commercial show bags, knives, swords, bows or environmentally damaging items will not be allowed.
Stall holders will be required to provide their own tables, chairs, shelter etc. but the festival will provide some tables and chairs as a generic area for eating.
Generally speaking, there is insufficient space for stallholders vehicles which should be parked on the grass verge adjacent to the venue. Stallholders may camp within their stalls or stall space. Electricity supply is limited to 10 amps per stall for lighting only unless specific arrangements are made with the organisers. Please keep in mind that 22 stalls share a single phase, split from a 3 phase pole and excessive use will trip all stalls!

Stallholders are encouraged to minimise their garbage and take home their own ‘empties.

  1. We would like this to be a waste free event and to compost as many food and packaging items as possible. Therefore we request that all food and drink service ware provided by food stall owners be biodegradable and compostable. Biodegradable and compostable foodservice ware and drink ware products are quite specific. A number of suppliers and brands claim to be biodegradable/compostable but are definitely not. To guarantee that these products are genuine, we request two samples of all intended packaging be submitted after acceptance of the applications, including the name of the supplier or manufacturer. Products will be checked by the waste management team to verify their authenticity before being offered a site, contact Ph 4620 9248.
  2. St Albans requires a green bond of $100, which must be paid with the stall fee. This bond will be refunded if the stalls rubbish has been removed. Any questions about rubbish should be address to Tao from the Waste Recycling Team. Ph 4620 9248
  3. Stall holders are advised to bring their own water for cooking and washing etc. Tank water is available if necessary but stall holders must boil any water they use prior to washing food.
  4. Stall holders are not to park out the front of the festival venue taking up parking spaces. Those that have in the past been able to include their vehicle at their site can continue to do so but all others must park in one of the camping grounds. NOTE – stall holder parking will be allowed on Henry’s block where the festival volunteers and organisers camp (behind Gordon’s shed).
  5. No Generator type Cool Room is to be brought onto the site without previous discussion and agreement with the Director.
    Anthony Woolcott Mob: 0450 499 621
  6. Food vendors should indicate in their application if they are prepared to supply discounted meals to volunteers and the discount they plan to provide and complimentary meals to 1st aid officers.

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